Protecting the Rights of Children

At Jacobson Education Law we are dedicated to compassionate and zealous legal representation to protect the educational rights of children with disabilities. We aim to help families get the services, placement, and specialized instruction their student is entitled to. At Jacobson Education Law we understand how life changing it can be when a child’s needs are met in the educational environment and our goal is to help families realize that change. Our reputation and history of successful representation speaks for itself. You can rely on our standing in the community, knowledge, experience and dedication to guide your family through the legal and educational challenges that you are facing. We are proud and passionate about the work we do. Contact Jacobson Education Law at 510.647.8125 to speak with a qualified legal professional today.

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What Clients Are Saying

  • It is rare to find so many exceptional qualities in one person. She is able to assess what is realistic and what she will be able to accomplish. She is dedicated, persistent and results oriented. At the same time, she is compassionate, kind and patient. She never gives up and fights for what she knows those whom she represents are entitled to get under the law, in spite of the enormous opposition from the district.

    Alena S., Oakland, CA
  • Deborah has provided several consultations. She has an excellent grasp of special education law & has been extremely helpful in providing guidance around special education services for dyslexic students

    Lori D., San Franscisco, CA
  • Deborah is very good at what she does and works tirelessly for every client. I rate her 5+ stars because she additionally works to change systemic barriers that will benefit all students. Truly skilled and amazingly committed. Our family was lucky to find her.

    Eva D., Berkeley, CA
  • Ms. Jacobson is an excellent attorney that is passionate about special education. Her and her staff are helpful, kind, and courteous and they are always available. No question will ever be unanswered. She is strategic and will come up with a plan to get the services and help your child deserves.

    Greg S., Oakland, CA

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