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Education Law Attorney

Education law is a general area of the law and can encompass a wide variety of legal matters.

With years of experience working with education law in California, Ms. Jacobson is knowledgeable about education law matters such as (but not limited to):

  • Discrimination
  • Disciplinary Hearings, and Disciplinary actions against Disabled Students
  • Transcripts, Degrees, Diplomas, and Credits
  • Residency and Transfers
  • Testing
  • Disability
  • Section 504
  • Bullying

Special Education Law Attorney

Attorney Deborah Jacobson has worked with parents and students from all ages, and from a variety of school districts and academic institutions throughout the Bay Area and Washington DC.

At Jacobson Education Law, we’ve worked with hundreds of parents and students to ensure their special education needs are met. We represent students and parents with any legal matters in regards to special education law and are particularly passionate and experienced in fighting for mental health services, including residential treatment; behavioral needs; and services for children with learning disabilities, especially and including dyslexia, attentional and executive functioning deficits.

We believe that a child is entitled to an education that matches his/her needs and allows them to feel supported and safe, and we work hard to ensure that both the rights of students and parents are protected. We are passionate about our work and feel it is important to make sure our clients feel supported and respected through the legal process.

Does your child have a disability or do you suspect that they might? If so, your child may be entitled to receive special education and related services. It is in your best interest to speak to a qualified professional, someone who can inform you about your rights.

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The IEP Process

Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are federal- and state-mandated plans for children with learning or other types of disabilities, including mental health needs. Unfortunately, many school administrators downplay or dismiss the effects that a child’s disability might have on their learning, and when they do acknowledge the student’s disability, there is no guarantee that their choices will be in line with a parent’s expectations or a child’s needs.

At Jacobson Education Law we pride ourselves in having built strong relationships with special education administrators in the Bay Area and throughout Northern California. Our first goal is always to work with the school district through the IEP process without the need for litigation. Although we often see results from these endeavors, there are times when a school district will not budge. In those cases, Ms. Jacobson can proceed with a demand letter or file a due process or compliance complaint with entities such as the Office of Administrative Hearings, California Department of Education and the Office of Civil Rights.

Early Resolution of Legal Issues

With disagreements and the limits and boundaries of the IEP process, there is often a need for our office to work with administrators outside the IEP process through an early resolution process. We will work with your family to effectively negotiate on behalf of your child without the need for legal action whenever possible. Unfortunately, even with strong relationships and strong pre-litigation advocacy/negotiation, there is often a need for legal action- the filing of a due process complaint. Our office has successfully represented dozens of families in due process. We know how and when to push a school district and we know how to get what your child needs and is entitled to.

Your Due Process Rights

Was your child denied eligibility for special education? Or perhaps you were not satisfied with the results of an IEP meeting, including services or placement? Have you spent your own money to provide services or a school placement that the school district should have funded? If so, you have the right to file an administrative due process complaint and request a due process hearing.

Special Education and your child’s rights include complex legal issues, which is why it is crucial that you have the assistance of a qualified special education law attorney on your side. Ms. Jacobson can help ensure that your child benefits from a properly-implemented and developed education plan designed to match his or her specific needs.

School districts can be stubborn entities, and sometimes they will refuse to change their positions even after several meetings. If needed, Ms. Jacobson will tenaciously represent you in due process because at Jacobson Education Law we value every child’s comfort, happiness, and ability to succeed within a school setting, and we are ready and willing to fight on your behalf. We also know how hard this process can be on families- our goal is to provide some comfort in very stressful situations.

As a parent, it is understandable that you want the best for your child, and it is important to ensure that your child’s school is on the same page. An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is a tool used by schools to help meet the individual needs of their students, and all special education students need to have an IEP, as per the law.

Disagreements or disputes on how a child’s IEP has been implemented often arise between parents and school administrators. In these instances, the first step is to attempt and resolve the issue via mediation. When both parties are unable to come to an agreement, parents can request a due process hearing, where a hearing officer considers both sides of the dispute before making a decision. Conflicts involving IEP often involve issues such as:

  • Changes to an IEP program
  • Suspension or Expulsion of a Child
  • Student Evaluations
  • Eligibility
  • A Child’s Placement
  • Methods Used to Assess Students
  • Related Support Services, such as an Aide
  • Suspension or Expulsion of a Child

As these disputes often arise from issues that cannot be agreed upon, resolutions don’t always match with the needs of your child. In these instances, it is crucial that you hire a skilled education attorney, such as the seasoned legal professionals at Jacobson Education Law.

Here at Jacobson Education Law, we don’t take your child’s education lightly. We understand that split-second decisions made by administrators looking to expedite their day can have serious, long-term ramifications on your child’s future. Don’t let yourself or any of your loved ones fall victim to still, bureaucratic rules.

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